Online business ideas – click arbitrage and SEO

December 28, 2008
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ideas are easy execution is hard

At least once a month I end up talking to a potential client about SEO (Search Engine Optimization); usually these talks end up with me offering free advice to the client and them walking out probably feeling over whelmed.

I say this to try to communicate my lack of business skills; although I still think my age is holding me back. At 24 years of age its hard to get 50+ year old business men to listen to you. MAny times these business men are coming to me becuase they just woke up and realized their %30 drop in year over year sales isn’t solely based on this slow economy but is also based on their lack of internet sales or having an outdated business model.

Many times after talking with these clients who come to me when they haven’t a penny extra to spend due to low sales; I ask myself why “If you are good enough to work for other peoples business’s why can’t you work for yourself?” I then wake up and realize that yeah if I had a $10,000 dollar runway of cash and 3 months to work I could probably build a site that made $1,5000 a month. That means it would take 6.6 months to re-coop the money; also the amount of monthly maintenence isn’t known.

I am heading this route, it offers many advantages over working for other companies. When you do SEO work for other companies you are doing a kind of work for that company that really can’t be measured as well as per se “manufacturing tools or cold calling direct sales etc…” SEO is a kind of art, but really the art is in the fact that there isn’t a course for it in a college or even vocational school. The only way your employer would know that you weren’t doing it right was if they actually knew what was right, the other measurement is results. Which as stated earlier isn’t really measurable.

Since I am taking this route I better get a plan at least layed out in my mind. First off what kind of business should I do on the internet? That’s the magic question. If you don’t know what I mean by what “kinds” of business’s I mean am I going to try to do (click arbitrage, affiliate page, information page with advertising?) or other more physical business’s (selling shirts, gadgets, books etc..) I think SEO more directly relates when I try to connect it in my mind to the selling of information, and non shipping of real items.

Lets start by comparing the different kinds of information businesses…

  • Click arbitrage – Buying and selling clicks from users and search engines to other users and or search engines: You purchase clicks from yahoo for $.10 a click and it lands on a page paying $.26 cents from google
  • Selling information – Compiling data at a hurt point where a need is underserved, then collecting that data – displaying it in a better format than any other sites and placing ads on that site
  • Selling services – Selling services on the internet or subscriptions for access to information or a application usually hosted on the web.

I will do some thinking on the above and add to this post later.. to be continued.


Hello world!

December 28, 2008

Hello World!

  • This is the first post for my new blog…
  • “Whos is ‘my’ – you may ask..

I’m not telling; this blog is an experiment in my writing skill, a personal journal and will mostly likely turn into nothing of interest or vaule to anyone other than myself. I will try to work on my writing style for different articles, write – edit re-do and submit to different sources for peer review. I will file this post in my about me page also…